Medical Education Research and Opinion From the JAMA Network

JAMA has a long tradition of publishing medical education research and opinion, and we are proud to extend that tradition across the JAMA Network. We hope this collection of scholarship contributes to urgent conversations about how to train physicians of the near-future to meet today’s challenges in patient care.

Learn about the following topics in special issues published the week of December 7, 2015:

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Original Investigation

Training Physicians to Provide High-Value, Cost-Conscious Care: A Systematic Review

Lorette A. Stammen and Coauthors


Pimping in Medical Education: Lacking Evidence and Under Threat

Cian P. McCarthy and Coauthors


At What Cost? Medical Education 2016

Robert M. Golub


Lessons Learned From Comics Produced by Medical Students: Art of Darkness

Daniel R. George and Michael J. Green


Incorporating a New Technology While Doing No Harm, Virtually

Colette DeJong and Coauthors

A Piece Of My Mind

The Greatest Generation

Gurpreet Dhaliwal


Medical Schools in the United States, 2014-2015

Barbara Barzansky and Sylvia I. Etzel


Graduate Medical Education, 2014-2015

Sarah E. Brotherton and Sylvia I. Etzel

JAMA Patient Page

High-Value Care

Aria A. Razmaria

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Toward Individualization in Medical Education

Michael A. Barone and Robert A. Dudas


Identifying Opportunities for Alignment in Pediatric Residency Training

Allison Ballantine and Lisa B. Zaoutis