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George Grosz, Metropolis

Eugenics and Involuntary Euthanasia (Degenerate Art)

Hitler and Goebbels appropriated the arts in Nazi Germany to advance the ideology of a master race leading to eugenic sterilization and condemnation of modern art as degenerate. Involuntary euthanasia was the result.



George Grosz

Protest art in Nazi Germany
August 2006

The Scat Players

Otto Dix

Facing the reality of war
September 2006

The Würgengel

Franz Karl Bühler

Patients with mental illness as "life unworthy of life"
October 2006

Angelus Novus

Paul Klee

The angel of history looks back
November 2006

Self-Portraitas a Degenerate Artist

Oskar Kokoschka

Modern artists declared degenerate by Hitler
December 2006

The Yellow Cow

Franz Marc

Degenerate art/animal rights
August 2009


Max Beckmann

Proposed sterilization of modern artists
September 2013