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William Hogarth, Bedlam


These commentaries describe the transition from inhumane to humane treatment of those hospitalized for mental illnesses with the introduction of Pinel's moral treatment. The series ranges from Pinel freeing the insane from their chains to life in the asylum: Bedlam, Saragossa, and St Remy.


Pinel Orders the Chains Removed From the Insane at Bicêtre

Charles Louis-Muller

Pinel introduces moral treatment
May 2003

Pinel Delivering the Insane

Tony Robert-Fleury

Pinel freeing insane women
June 2003

A Rake's Progress: "Bedlam"

William Hogarth

Hogarth's depiction of Bedlam in the 1760s
April 2003

Yard With Madmen (El Corral de Locos)

Francisco Goya

Asylum in Saragossa, Spain
November 2003

Asylum at Saint-Rémy

Vincent van Gogh

The asylum where Van Gogh completed his Starry Night
July 2010