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Hieronymus Bosch, The Cure of Folly

Art as a Window Into Brain Functioning

This series address the ancient practice of trephining to release evil spirits, paradoxical functional facilitation in frontotemporal dementia, color theory and its organization in the brain, and synesthesia.


The Cure of Folly

Hieronymus Bosch

Trepanning as a "cure" for mental illness
December 2004


Willem de Kooning

Brain changes and art in Alzheimer disease
April 2005

Homage to the Square

Josef Albers

How the perception of solid colors changes based on their position and surrounding color
May 2007

Composition VI

Vasily Kandinsky

June 2007

Golgi's Nobel Laureate Diploma and The Olfactory Bulb

Camillo Golgi

Anatomical staining and discussion of the difference between Golgi and Cajal's views of neuron theory
October 2010